It was a cold dark mid winter’s eve just before the solstice in the no stranger to crime ridden city of Detroit. Two incredibly handsome guys in a feeble attempt to find purpose in a world so often void of any semblance of meaning, rolled up in their gangster Honda Odyssey to the local bank. Grandiose ideas of storming into the vault with plastic explosives and Easter peeps flooded into the deepest parts of our shallow minds. As Jon looked over at me with a completely heterosexual sizing glance he realized that me, much like himself, fell far short of the weight, height and chest circumference required to stay at the top of the food chain in a State penitentiary. So after a brief moment of clarity and a spicy chicken sandwich we decided to find a legitimate way to leave our mark on the world. After three strenuous, month long searches for a unicorn and two failed attempts at inventing the lawn mower than runs on grass,we decided to make t-shirts. Armed with nothing but a single white t-shirt, 2 bottles of glitter, one container of Elmer’s glue and a black sharpie, we began our venture in the garment decorating business. After years of creating awesome shirts for 10000’s of beautiful people, I was having labor pains. So Jon took a Lamaze class, coached me through some intense breathing and to the sounds of a children’s choir and one uncharacteristic high pitch scream, Viral Video Tees was born. And I have to say, she is cute!

That brings us to the present. Jon and I spend most of our days drinking copious amounts of Dr. Pepper, thinking of funny ways to make light hearted shirts that we would want to wear, with hopes that you might want to also! Our think tank is dark and lonely and we love hearing from the outside world, so if you have questions or just want to say hello, please drop us an email.

In the meantime, take a look around, buy a few shirts and by all means… spread the virus!


Nothing on this site is endorsed by anyone important; if we make fun of someone you like, please take refuge knowing that I’m sure we will make fun of someone you don’t like soon! We’re just having fun, so join the party!